When I was younger I used to drink two liters of soda A DAY! YES TWO LITERS! Now I try and drink a liter of water a day! TRUST ME, it was super hard to make the switch but I’m doing it.Double Tap if drinking the “recommended amount of water” is hard for you too?It truly has been something I work at everyday. One of my favorite ways is to add ORGANIC fruit & veggies into the water to give it some flavor & health benefits!I personally prefer the subtle flavors of infused water to the overly sweet flavor of most juices.

Water Mixes!

Cucumber & Lemon 

Watermelon & basil 

 Pineapple Mint

Strawberry Lemon

   6 Health Benefits Of Drinking More Water.

 1. Helps to Maximize Physical Performance

2.Major Effect on Energy Levels and Brain Function

 3.Drinking Water May Help to Prevent and Treat Headaches.

4.Drinking More Water May Help Relieve Constipation

5.Drinking More Water Can Help With Weight Loss

6.Water Helps Prevent Hangovers

7. Helps to clear skin.