Last Minute Date Ideas

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Does your schedule make it hard to plan dates? Here are some of our favorite picks for last minute date ideas, that girls will love.

1. Wine and Cheese Night:  On your way over, stop by the store to pick up some of her favorite cheese and bottle of wine. Put pillows on the floor and have yourself a little indoor picnic.

2.  Explore your town: Get in your car, drive to the main street in your town & go exploring, stop in the shops, restaurants etc. Have drinks at one place, appetizers at the next and so on and so on.

3. Bake together: Nothing goes better than the smell of freshly baked cookies than the person you care a bouts laughter. Throw in your favorite comedy and enjoy your night!

4. Go to  a comedy show: It can be hit or miss but who doesn’t like to laugh?

5. Walk on the beach: Don’t live near a beach, find your nearest trail and go explore.

6.  Plan your next date: Pick a weekend and have a day date, spend the entire day together.

7. Miniature Golf/Bating Cages: Need we say more?!

8. Do a puzzle together: You can tell a lot about someones patience, with how well they deal with putting a 1000 piece puzzle together 😉

9. Be a kid: Get all your favorite junk food, cuddle together and watch both your favorite childhood movies.

10. Write together: Not musically inclined, no need to write a song, try a poem or a letter to one another. Write a story together, one line per person.

What are some of your last minute date ideas:

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