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For about 6 months now I have been taking Kara Md Supplements. A supplement brand created in 2017 by Dr. Kara, an MD with 30+ years of experience and who has spent the last several years focusing his work on functional medicine and natural remedies to help people live healthier lives by focusing on creating supplements that help support digestion, heart health and reducing inflammation.

I first heard about Kara MD, read not only their reviews but did my research on the company. I even had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Kara himself. To hear his passion and knowledge not only about functional medicine but each of his products and how they provide a true benefit, was motivating. Knowing he has his hands in every step, I felt comforted. He wants people to truly feel better. With all the info I gathered I started out by taking their Gut Bio Max, the only biotic supplement on the market that provides three essential elements, pre, pro and post-biotics all which help maintain healthy digestion and overall gut health. As someone who has suffered with gut issues my whole life I was so ready and willing to try Gut Bio Max, after reading the reviews and hearing how it helped others, I thought what do I have to lose other than stomach pain and discomfort. Boy am I happy I tried them!

Kara Md Review

Their vegan-friendly solution is a blend of natural plants and minerals that is gentle on your gut. I started out by taking two each morning with my breakfast. Most days I take two or three, you can take up to 4.

Since taking Gut Bio Max, I have felt such relief figuratively and literally. Relief that I know I don’t have to be walking around always checking where the closest restroom is or end things short with friends and family because the pain I felt in my stomach.

Did you know?

That if you don’t have a healthy microbiome (gut) that all those healthy meals, vitamins or supplements you take won’t be properly absorbed? Making sure your gut is healthy is an important part for your overall health!

Kara Md Review

The second supplement I implemented was their Comfort Guard x 24a natural, drug free alternative to help support the healthy function of the body’s natural inflammatory response. Someone who struggles with inflammation my whole, I have been on the hunt for a natural way other than just my diet to help lower the overall inflammation in my body, especially as we began our TTC, (trying to conceive) journey again.

After our first miscarriage, I did all the blood test and found I had extremely high levels of cortisol. I did my own research and read about how cortisol, I.E inflammation isn’t not good in general but especially when you are trying to conceive. I am by no means saying that my cortisol level is what caused our miscarriage but if I could do something to lower the inflammation in my body to aid in a more harmonies home, I am going to do it and I am so glad that I did.

Knowing I had to do something to help lower my body’s overall inflammation, I looked toKara Md ‘s Comfort Guard x 24Knowing how much their Gut Bio Max, turned my stomach issues around, I felt I could trust this brand and this product to do what it actually says it’s going to do! I added these to my daily routine, I take two everyday. Within like a week of pairing the two supplements I noticed a difference in my overall being. I just felt different, lighter, less brain fog, and my stomach issues, what stomach issues.

Did you know?

That small amounts of inflammation is an actual normal for ovulation, menstruation, implantation and birth but having too much inflammation isn’t beneficial for fertility.

Kara Md Review

Noticing how I felt after a few months of taking Kara Md’s supplements, I looked into some of their other products, like their Pure Nature, that provides essential nutrients and helps with energy, immunity & overall wellness. I have more of a pep in my step and just knowing I am providing good quality nutrients to my body without worrying about making sure every meal is rounded out with the proper fruits and veggies, is a true game changer!

Kara Md Review

The other product I more recently tried out is their Sleep Guard, which promotes restful & quality sleep and doesn’t leave you feeling any grogginess or “sleep hangover” feelings. Perfect for those nights I am just not able to fall and stay asleep!

Kara MD as a whole holds themselves to a very high standard and are extremely particular about what goes into their products. I had the honor to speak to Dr. Kara himself at length about the company and their products, I was truly amazed by his true passion for other people, their health and well being and the pride he takes in every part of the process of each product.

They have some many incredible supplements that range from the ones I mention about to others like their Coq10 Plus, Revive Red, Turmeric, and more!

I personally have seen a change in my overall well being since implementing Kara Md supplements. I have been very open and will continue to be about my health/fertility journey and how controlling inflammation and gut health plays a KEY factor in it all!

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