Hot Toddy Mocktail the modern day girlfriend

Not a big drinker, don’t drink at all or somewhere in your fertility or pregnancy journey? 

The holidays tend to be where drinks and cheer seem to be flowing so as someone who is cutting out alcohol hopefully for the next year or so I have been working on some delicious mocktail ideas just in time for the holidays.

This mocktail version of a Hot Toddy which I dubbed the Hot Daddy haha,  is a drink I actually drink this during time of year anyways because with the change in the weather where colds and the flu seem to be on the rise, this cocktail not only taste delicious, keeps you warm it also aids in keeping your immune system up.

I have shared it on my stories numerous of times and get asked about it often so I wanted to create a place for it to live on my feed so if you want to save it, share it, tag someone who would love it, please feel free.


I hope you enjoy it as much  as we do!

   Serves 1 double recipe for  two  

Add 1 tsp of lemon juice, 1  tsp of acv ( apple  cider vinegar) and 1 tsp of organic honey to you cup/mug , 

Add  your hot water about 1 ½ cups and mix!


Optional add ins for a holiday touch. , cloves, cinnamon sticks, vanilla bean, diced pear,