How To Get Rid of Garden Pests Naturally


Photo by Lettuce Grow on Unsplash

With spring around the corner, it’s time to start planting and preparing your flower beds. One of the main responsibilities of having a garden is keeping it healthy. There are many tips and tricks when it comes maintaining your greenery and it can all be done naturally. Gardening can be tough when you are trying to remove pests, but the best way to remove them is through eco-friendly methods. Natural pest removal is less damaging to your green spaces and keeps the helpful bugs alive. Below are four healthy and natural ways to remove pests from your garden and home.

1. Grow A Healthy Garden 

Start with growing a healthy garden. The health of your plants depends on the soil: you want to have soil that is rich in nutrients and free of pesticides and chemicals. This encourages nutrient rich-plants. You can also add add food waste to your soil as a natural fertilizer by a trench in your garden and fill it with leftover food waste from your kitchen. Fruits and vegetables are best to fill the garden with because it adds nutrients and moisture to your soil. Stay away from items like bread, oils, and meat to be included in your compost. 

 2. Add Companion Plants to your Garden

When you add a companion plant to your garden, they can mutually benefit each other. Having plants close to each other can also boost growth and ward off pests. Companion planting helps balance the ecosystem of your garden and attracts beneficial insects such as bees that help spread pollen. 

3. Clean with Essential Oils and Vinegar

Cleaning with vinegar has become a DIY trend when trying to maintain an eco-friendly home. Make your own pest control by diluting the vinegar and an essential oil mixed with water in a spray bottle. This mixture will get rid of residue build-up on leaves. The vinegar scent works great for repelling pests. Spray this mixture when needed to avoid the plants from drying out. 

4. Attract Birds to Your garden 

A popular accessory to gardens is a bird feeder. Birds act as natural pest control.  Birds and other small animals are great for your garden. These animals can often help get rid of slugs, caterpillars, snails, and other pests. Birds also help with the spreading of pollen by moving from plants to trees to bushes. You can attract these birds to your garden with basic needs such as food, water, and shelter. 

When putting in this effort to create a more eco-friendly home, you want to be sure that everything is protected with the right homeowners insurance. For more ways to remove pests naturally from your garden check out this infographic below.