DIY Mudcloth Pillows: Modern Home Trend

DIY Mudcloth Pillows: Modern Home Trend

One of the most recent home trends is to keep your decor simplistic. Rather than filling your living room with knick-knacks and adding a photo to every empty white wall in the house, try being methodical about your choices. Use statement pieces to direct the focus of the room and make your guests feel welcome rather than overwhelmed.

One minimalistic trend that does this well is mudcloth. Mudcloth is a textile that originates in West Africa. It’s originally created by dying cloth, but there are less-messy, quicker methods that can be used to achieve the look.

Today we have two methods, brought to you by ApartmentGuide, to help you create your own DIY mudcloth pillows. Simply choose a printable pattern and follow the steps below to create your own unique design.

how to make a mudcloth pillow

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