This DIY Glitter Booze Bottle is one of my favorite go to DIY holiday gift’s to present to my friend’s who host our annual Christmas party. Not only is it a useful gift but it’s also a festive gift that will brighten up any party!

So if you are throwing a holiday party, having people over or just want to get into the spirit try creating a sparkle with this glittery craft!

What You Will NEED:

  1. Bottle- ( Patron)
  2. Red Craft Glitter
  3. Modge Podge
  4. Brush
  5. Newspaper

All crafting supplies can be found at Michael’s 



  1. Lay out Newspaper
  2. Cover bottle in modge podge let sit for about 30 seconds to let the “glue”  set up
  3. Next, cover the entire bottle in glitter.

Craft Tip: With the left over glitter create a pile  of the coarse glitter and roll the bottle through the glitter pile as evenly as possible.

4. Use your fingers to add glitter to the “naked” portions of the bottle as necessary.

5. Once the bottle has completely dried and set go over the entire bottle with modge podge this helps the glitter stay.

Optional: To glitter the top of the bottle cover in modge podge and silver glitter and repeat process above.

What’s bottle would you DIY?

T: Moderndaygf

F: The Modern Day Girlfriend 


P: The Modern Day Girl Friend