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cycle syncing workout the modern day girlfriend

First let me say, I am not a doctor nor a fitness expert by any means. Through my own personal experience with fertility, I have really taken it open myself to learn more about how my body runs and how I can best support not only my body but my hormones. It lead me to learn about cycle syncing both when it comes to what to eat during certain parts of your cycle as well how to move my body.

Below are the workouts and why I do them for each phase of my cycle. Remember each body is different and has different physical limitations. No matter what I share it is still your journey, I am just sharing my journey. Always listen to your body. Knowing yours before this is super beneficial. I should not be someone who guides you about  your physical recommendations, seek a professional for your individual needs. This is just a blueprint for you to make your own choices.

Menstrual Phase  – During your menstrual phase rest and low impact is key. Your body is going through a lot if you think about workouts like the ones below are helpful to keep your blood flowing but putting more stain on your body.



Low-volume strength training

Follicular Phase –  This phase is right after your menstrual phase so your energy could still be low along with testosterone that provides energy.  Workouts like the ones below can be helpful to keep you active but not over doing it.

Spinning/ Biking

Flow Based yoga


Light Run

Ovulation Phase – You want to do things to increase blood flow, as you want to get your blood flowing as your  testosterone and estrogen are rising and peaking, which not only can provide you more energy  but during the ovulation phases where hopefully the egg meets the sperm and travels to the uterus. Workouts like the ones below help get that blood flowing.

Strength  Training


Luteal Phase – During the luteal phase, progesterone so testosterone and estrogen  that raised during your ovulation depletes. Energy tends to decrease as your body is preparing for another period so doing light-to-moderate exercise may be best during this phase like the ones below.


Strength training


This post is not meant to be medical but informational. Every body is different, always discuss with your doctor.