My Favorite Clean Make Up & Skincare Brand in 2023

crunchi Arianna Salyards the modern day girlfriend

If you have been my friend on here or my social media for awhile, it is no secret of mine that our struggles with fertility is what really opened my/our eyes to living a more toxic free lifestyle. I really buried my head deep in the sand and read, researched what I could on the the topic and continue to do so. Along that journey I have learn so many things and I have found so many incredible truly clean non-toxic brands like home products and beauty products. Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite non-toxic beauty brands Crunchi

crunchi Arianna Salyards the modern day girlfriend

I first learned about Crunchi through Instagram and I was immediately intrigued so I actually reached out to the brand and asked if I could learn more directly from them and they were so happy to connect and do so.

I spent a good 45 minutes to an hour talking with a member of the Crunchi team and I was blown away by their transparency, their business as a whole and of course how they make their products including  their packaging and how they hold not only themselves as a company but their  products to the highest standard in the clean space. With a list of banned ingredients, you can learn more about here  and only using certified organic ingredients and eco-friendly glass packaging. You can learn more about their sustainability and eco-friendly, non-toxic packaging here.   Crunchi really does do the work to stand behind the title of clean beauty not to mention they third-party test their products for both heavy metals and PFAs. Which many other “clean” beauty companies do not.

crunchi Arianna Salyards the modern day girlfriend

With all of this information I was given,  the only logical sense for me was to order it and try it out myself, right?

Before I knew it, delivered to my doorstep was a few pieces of their skincare line and some of their make up, I have them all linked up below for you, scroll to the bottom if you just want them NOW! Once I started using their products I haven’t stopped and I haven’t looked back, here is why!

crunchi Arianna Salyards the modern day girlfriend

My skin has never looked better, from the first wash I where I used their skincare line I could feel the difference in how my make up was washing off my skin along with how my skin absorb the product. I was pleasantly surprised with just one use.

Next up I used their make up and I will tell you right now, if you don’t believe me or have been on the fence about clean beauty, just give their foundation a try, never have I ever used a foundation like this. It covers, it smoothes, it hydrates, and it’s freaking CLEAN!!!!!!

Reasons to Switch to Clean Beauty

I literally recommend it to everyone I see.

Like I have told my friends and family, I love their products so much I became and advocate for them which means, I not only can help you find the right products for beauty routine, like color matching the foundation to your skin tone, but I can provide you  $10 off your first order of $50 if you use my link. 



Feel free to drop a comment below, email me or DM if you have any questions but before you go here check out my favorite Crunchi Products for skincare and makeup!

My Makeup

Clean Make Up & Skincare Brand in 2023

My Skincare 


The Crunchi Difference. 

crunchi Arianna Salyards the modern day girlfriend

Cruelty-Free and Leaping Bunny Certified
Made in the USA
Third-party tested for heavy metals & PFAs
No Petroleum Ingredients
No Synthetic Lake Dyes
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