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Bathroom Refresh with Nebia By Moen™ the modern day girlfriend

Our shower might have to be the most important space in our home and I am not kidding. As many people like to take a bath to unwind from the day both my husband and I love taking a shower! For us it is a true moment of zen in our days. Not only that, I honestly believe I come up with my best ideas while I am in the shower.

Recently, Neil, my husband and I talked about how we wanted to make our bathroom even more inviting and relaxing, like our own little spa. We have added the candles, the fluffy towels, but something was missing. We did some research and found Nebia By Moen™Spa Shower.

Neil and I are big believers of the idea that everything we have in our home should serve a purpose; we don’t have a million little things, more like statement pieces, and with that in mind. When it comes to those types of purchases like furniture, or appliances we believe in investing in the best standard and quality items out there. With its nearly 80 years of plumbing industry expertise, history of innovation, we knew going with Moen® was the right choice.

When learning all about the benefits of using the Nebia By Moen™ Spa Shower, like how it delivers an exceptionally effective shower while conserving water with its patented spray technology that creates the sensation of more water, while actually using about half the water than other brands. Since the Nebia by Moen Spa Shower has been available more than 100 million gallons of water has been saved. How awesome is that! For two people who could spend hours in a shower, we knew we had found the missing piece to our happy place.

Bathroom Refresh with Nebia By Moen™ the modern day girlfriend

I crafted a mood board around it as I knew it would be the focal piece of the bathroom and I was right. Its sleek modern appearance grabs your eye instantly and just makes you want to jump right in.

Our Bathroom Refresh with Nebia By Moen™

I will be honest, I was nervous to install this in our shower. I didn’t think I could actually do it myself but Moen® provides a very clear and precise guided and easy installation for an instant upgrade. I like to think of it as a blissful spa shower without a complicated install.

Bathroom Refresh with Nebia By Moen™ the modern day girlfriend

I have never been more excited about a fixture in our home than I am right now, I didn’t think I could look forward to our nightly showers more than I already did but I DO. It truly is amazing, how a simple switch of a shower head can make such a difference in your overall mood. This is a piece that will come with us in any move that we do, and that’s another point I wanted to touch on. We are not in our forever home but we have tried two make the space we are in now feel like home, so with the ease of the installation we know we could do it again and again if we needed to.

“You don’t have to be in your forever home to invest in your home.”

I truly could not recommend this product more, we have enjoyed the experience so much and we are loving the fact it helps us safe on water!

If you have been my friend on here for a while you know I always share links to where you can learn more about the products I talk about and form your own opinion. This is no different, if you want to learn more about the Nebia By ™ Spa Shower click here. Feel free to email me or drop a comment below and I will be happy to answer them as well!

Happy showering!