Affirmations the modern day girlfriend arianna salyards

I never really valued the power of my thoughts until I truly felt I had no other choice as I was faced with fertility issues.  If I didn’t start saying and  most importantly believing these things about myself or situation I would have lost my mind. My thoughts would have ran ragged with negativity. I will be the first to admit it, there are still days that are extremely tough but I just keep reminding myself of the words below. I hope they help you. as much as they have helped me.

I trust my body knows what to do.

I can only control what I control, the rest is out of my hands.

My body is healthy and ready to receive this miracle.

I am a mother

I am taking care of my body to provide the best environment for a healthy baby and pregnancy

A pregnancy test doesn’t define my worth

I am worthy of pregnancy and motherhood.

I trust in my babies  timing