Malibu Birthday Celebration


This past weekend I celebrated my birthday with some of my dearest and longest friends at Malibu Cafe and finished it off with heading to… Wait for it…….. Wait for it….. Dave and Busters! ( The kid inside me is still beaming from all the fun and laughter!)

Although it has taken me a while I’ve finally realized that is okay to take a moment to celebrate yourself and let the people you love, love you back. This year is all about letting the love in!

What a truly magical birthday filled with lots of love and laughter! You have all brought me such love and laughter as well and I wanted to share this special day with all of you and remind you it is okay to enjoy yourself and most important laugh!  

Malibu Cafe:


“Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… It’s about who came, and never left your side.” ♥


” Life is too short to take yourself to seriously.” ♥


My Birthday Outfit: Shop Like It’s Haute

Body Suit: Revolve  Skirt: Sandro  Shoes: Jeffery Campbell  Marble Sunglasses: Quay 

Party Bus:

To have everyone enjoy their time and not worry about how they’re getting home, offer the option of getting a party bus. Calculate the time, the people and the amount and have everyone pitch in. Have one meeting location easy enough for everyone to Uber too or get dropped off at. This way you can enjoy the day responsibly!  


It’s getting a little fuzzy on how long I have know this guy! 

image6 image7


image12 image11

image14 image16

” Don’t grow up it’s a trap!”- Peter Pan 

As my birthday came to an end the celebration continued as I brought this guy home with me. You can say I take my arcade games VERY seriously. 

What did you do or have planned for your birthday this year? Tag us! 

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F: The Modern Day Girlfriend 
P: The Modern Day Girl Friend