8 Ways to Reduce Your Cooking Waste

5 Ways to Reduce Your Cooking Waste

I don’t know if  you are like me but I often  find myself thinking about ways I can use every bit of what I cook with, from the skin of an onion to my coffee grounds in the morning.  I think it stems from not wanting to be wasteful but also because I believe one of the best R’s in reduce, reuse and recycle is reuse!

I say this often and that’s because I believe it to be true, small changes lead to a bigger impact so if you are looking for ways to reduce your waste but don’t know where to start try one or all of these ways to reduce your cooking waste.

1.Add citrus peels to homemade all purpose cleaner, or make a potpourri.

2.Use your coffee grounds as a body scrub.

3.Add your eggs shells into your garden and even compost their carton.

4.Use vegetable scraps to create stock, you can toss in the bones of a rotisserie chicken as well.

5.Use carrot tops in a pesto or place them in a stock as well.

6. Turn old bread into croutons or bread crumbs.

7. You can actually use a banana peel in banana peel muffins or place its in your soil.

8. Start composting, here is a great helpful link on how to start. CLICK HERE

Want more reduce, recycle, reuse tups let me know below!