7 Tips To Organizing Your Kitchen Pantry

7 Tips To Organizing Your Kitchen Pantry With Michaels Crafts store

Being in the kitchen and cooking delicious meals for friends and family is one of the best feelings. The kitchen can be a gathering place for all your loved ones or a place you go for solitude and relaxation if you consider cooking or baking to be your favorite hobby. No matter what you deem the benefits of your kitchen to be, we can all agree that a clean and organized kitchen makes everything run a lot smoother. For many of us, this organization needs to start in our pantries. It can be incredibly frustrating to have a meal or dinner planned, but then you can’t find that one, particular item in your cluttered pantry. Keeping it organized and systemized can fix this issue for you and make the cooking process more efficient and enjoyable for everyone. If you’re someone who needs help tidying your pantry, continue reading for some quick tips! 

Large Baskets and Bins 

Some of the simplest organizational tools that you can use in your pantry are large storage baskets, bins, or containers. While many of your pantry items may be smaller, baskets and bins are great for placing at the bottom of your pantry to hold your larger, less frequently used items. For example, small appliances, paper products, or your surplus of non-perishable items. Instead of keeping these items on the shelves where they’ll potentially get in the way when searching for cooking supplies, give them their own space at the bottom. Using larger bins will help keep supplies hidden and out of the way but easily accessible when needed. 

Clear Jars and Containers 

7 Tips To Organizing Your Kitchen Pantry With Michaels Crafts store

Of course, in every dream pantry that we see these days, there is an abundance of clear jars and containers to help hold a number of different foods and supplies. Why might this be an idea you should try? Using the clear jars is an efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing way to organize food-related items. With them being clear, they will pair well with whatever look you’re going for in your pantry. Also, it’ll be easier to see what you have in each jar as soon as you walk into the pantry. You will inevitably eliminate any wasted time spent trying to find certain items. 

Over-the-Door Racks 

For those of us with a pantry door, it’s important to find ways to utilize that space as well. You can do this by installing a metal over-the-door rack on your pantry door. Some have hooks at the top that allow for a simple installation of just hanging it up, while others can be mounted to the door itself. Those that are specifically made for pantries will allow you to adjust the baskets and customize their heights and positions. These racks can be used for everything from small spices and seasonings to standard kitchen cleaning supplies. However, if you don’t have an entire room dedicated to your pantry and are simply using cabinets for supply organization, there are several options of over-the-door cabinet racks, too!

Spice Rack Organizers 

7 Tips To Organizing Your Kitchen Pantry With Michaels Crafts store

Spices and seasonings are a large portion of our cooking supplies however, they can easily get lost and cluttered among the other larger supplies in our pantries. Thankfully, there are several options out there that will help with organizing your spices. You can try purchasing small spice shelves to be placed on counters or shelving in your pantry. This solution will allow your spices to have their own designated spot separately from all of your other items. Also, with the multiple tiers of the spice shelves, you can see your entire collection of seasonings without having to sift and sort through them all. 

Can Organizer 

For all of us who have an abundance of canned foods or beverages, you may find a can organizer or dispenser to be helpful when organizing. Essentially, it allows cans to be stacked on their side in an organized fashion and provide you with easy access to grab whichever you need. You won’t have to worry about them falling and knocking any other supplies over because they will be safely kept in the organizer. Also, they fit perfectly on any shelving unit you may have. 

Plastic Bag Holder 

After a long trip to the grocery store, we are typically left with an abundance of plastic bags. Although some states have implemented the new Plastic Bag Waste Reduction Act which bans the use of plastic bags in some stores, there are many states where this is not the case. If you live in a region offering plastic bags at grocery stores and markets, you still may need a place to store all of them. Luckily, there are plastic bag holders you can install on the wall of your pantry. They keep them hidden and out of the way in case you plan to use them later on. 

Cricut Machine 

Although it’s not necessarily a storage solution, you may find it helpful to use a Cricut machine to help organize your pantry as well. The machine allows you to create custom labels to add to all of your jars, baskets or bins. Labeling is extremely important for pantry optimization because it makes it easier for everyone in the family, no matter the age, to find what they are looking for. Also, if by chance you happen to run out of a certain supply, you’ll know exactly where it needs to go once you buy more. Labeling helps to give every item in your pantry a home to keep it organized day in and day out. 

Organizing your pantry can be easy with these quick storage tips. Take your time and implement those which work best for you and your space. Hopefully, with these solutions, you’ll be able to spend less time sorting through your pantry and more time in the kitchen cooking, baking, or simply spending time with loved ones!