6 Ways to Embrace the Tiny House Lifestyle the modern day girlfriend

Photo by Calvin Hanson from Pexels

Living a tiny house lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean that your space has to be tiny. A tiny lifestyle is focused around having less and being more conscious of how you are affecting the environment with your need for physical objects. Oftentimes, if your home is cluttered, so is your mind. This is why each year more and more people are deciding to downsize, whether it be by moving into a tiny home or simply getting rid of items they don’t need. 


Whether or not you’re planning to downsize, these tiny house ideas inspired by small spaces can make your home more minimal, sustainable, and fulfilling.

6 Minimalistic Home Ideas

These changes are guaranteed to make your space mimic a tiny home with less clutter and more eco-friendly features.

  1. Solar Panels

Installing solar panels is a great way to mimic how many tiny homes get their energy. Tiny homes and regular-sized homes alike can use clean energy for the benefit of the environment. This can also make a huge impact on your energy bill. Hiring a solar panel company is the best way to get started when making a transition to clean energy.

  1. Hidden Storage

All tiny homes have hidden storage, whether it be under the bed, in the staircase, built into the walls—you name it. This is an easy way to hide the clutter in any home. Toys, books, and extra blankets will be out of sight and out of mind. Although the clutter is hidden, it is accessible at any time. 

  1. Lofted Beds

Lofted beds are a comfortable and cozy feature for any bedroom in the house, especially in kid’s rooms. Kids love the unique lofted bed set up and with the bed out of the way, there is plenty more space for storage and for kids to play during the day. 

  1. Bright Features

Features that let in light make any space look bigger and better. Whether it be adding glass sliding doors, large windows, or skylights, these features will make even the smallest of spaces look much larger. 

  1. Add Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is very common in tiny homes, since their other home expenses are very low. This technology is not only extremely neat, but also great for saving energy and cutting down on costs. From lights that turn off automatically when you forget to a smart washer that saves water, this technology benefits your wallet and the environment in the long run.

  1. Black and White Color Scheme

The black and white color scheme is a common minimalist, tiny home feature. It is an elegant color scheme that leaves a home looking more sophisticated. Homes with consistent color schemes often look more organized, whether they really are or not.

No matter the size of your home, living more minimally has many benefits. Whether it be saving space, improving your mental health, cutting costs, or benefiting the environment, making changes in your home that are inspired by the tiny house lifestyle are hugely beneficial.

Check out this infographic by Angi below for more tiny house ideas.