5 Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

5 Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

 1. Figure out why types of vows are for you.

Decide if personal vows are right for you or if you want to go more the traditional vows for whatever your religious background may be. .

2.Establish Framework

By that I mean, a framework of your vows, it helps when you are first starting out to hit bullet points and fill in from there!

3.Take Time

Take your time to write out your vows, just like planning your wedding, your vows if you choose to write them are just as important as the venue, dress, etc. Heck if not more important so don’t try to write them the night before give yourself some time to get those feelings out.

4.Read Old Letters You Wrote Each Other

I don’t know if you have kept any notes you or your SO have written each other through the years, they may be a great way to pull inspiration from. By reading old letters you can draw on old memories.

5.Practice, practice practice.

You don’t have to practice them in front of anybody but just grant yourself the time to read them allowed. It helps to hear the written word out loud!

xo, the modern day girlfriend