Quick Guide: 4 Things You Think Men Find Attractive But They REALLY Don’t

It’s hard to keep track nowadays when one blog says to do the exact same thing another blog is telling you not to do if you want “land” the man of your dreams!

Can’t I just stay on the couch with my dog and a bottle of wine and call it a night?

Trying to figure out what a man is thinking when it comes to dating can be just as confusing as it is for men trying to figure out how us women work.

They say men are simple to understand. Supposedly they’re  black and white when it comes to solving problems but what happens when things can get a little gray and you don’t know what is too much or too little when it comes to flirting?

Below are 4 of situations that we as women might think is careless flirting but actually can make a man run the other way.


Granted there is a fine line between flirtatious teasing and actually teasing.

Teasing when you like someone can be traced back to our childhood. Where Billy pushed you in the sandbox, but it isn’t that simple as playground antics when you’re older.

When we get older we have to learn to find a way to tease each other in a joking way that never belittles or embarrasses the person you like. Flirtatious teasing can grab his attention but remember teasing is a two-way street so be sure if you’re able to dishes it out you are able to take it.

Being Too Hard-To-Get

From the dawn of time, men have loved a challenge. They were the hunters as the women were the gathers. Men will always love the chase but they won’t continue to pursue you if they can tell you are actually “playing” hard to get instead of actually being busy.

Men love an independent woman who doesn’t say, “how high” when they say jump but men have to see the value in pursuing you as you have to see the value in pursuing them as well.  Men want to make sure you aren’t just seeking attention or playing games.

Trying To Making Him Jealous

A confident man can get jealous but he would never really show it. Needless to say, a confident woman does not need the validation from any other man than the man she is with.

Forgetting to Compliment Him

Just like women, men need (and like) to be complimented for their physical appearances as well as their emotional attributes. Whether the compliment is about how much you appreciate them as a partner or as a son, brother, father, friend or lover showing you value them makes them feel wanted and who doesn’t like to feel wanted?

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