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Recently I did a major, and I mean major clean out of my closet which left me not only figuring out what to do with all these clothes I no longer can fit into, too big, too small, not age appropriate, etc but also where to find new clothes that will not only make me feel powerful comfortable in my own skin but great for the environment too. Did you now that in America we send 21 billion pounds of textiles waste to landfills every year. The textile industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters-according to the EPA.  

That’s why today on the blog I am sharing 5 sustainable fashion brands to help “green” up your closet.

For all the clothes no longer living in my closet have found their way to Poshmark, Goodwill and other donation places. 


4 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Help “Green” Up Your Closet.

1.ReNew From Everlane

I just found out about Everlane’s ReNew line  that features great items that are made recycled fabrics and even water bottles. Another reason I love this bran is because they have pledged by 2021 that they will have no new plastic in its entire supply chain.

1a.Renew Fleece Jacket


1b.Renew Boot


2.Frame & Partners

What I love about this brand, is that it isn’t made till you order it, generating less waste, creating less inventory, and it’s tailored to your body!



3. Vada Shoes

Effortless, sustainable style for impactful women.Comfortable flats for every season made from luxe Alpaca Wool & Algae Foam insoles. Check them out here vada.com 

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4. Boyish

Did you know that it takes 2,000 gallons (7,600 liters) of water to make your favorite pair of jeans. Boyish what’s to help minimize denims impact on the environment. “Boyish  uses 1/3 the typical 1,800 gallons per pair that normal  denim manufacturing employs.”- Boyish