12 Products We Always Buy From Trader Joes

Okay so you might look at this list and think,  what is so special about it.  You may see a grocery list but to us we see staple items that help us not only meal plan, prep but sustain our healthy lifestyle and even though I love Trader Joes, I am not the biggest of how everything is packaged in some form of plastic.

That is why I am sharing the staples I found from Trader Joes that are not only staples but their packaging can be recycled or it is a produce item that is the base in many of our dishes.

Veggie Patties – Cardboard Box

Frozen Brown Rice -Cardboard Box

Almond Creamer – Cardboard Box

Hummus – Large enough plastic bin able to be cleaned and reused as a storage contain for other food items. Before being recycled.

Olive Oil – Glass Bottle.

Onions- Obviously any of their produce that is not in packaging is great.  Use the skins for stocks!

Asparagus– Again any produce that is not in packaging is great.  Use their stems in stocks!

Bananas- We not only eat these fresh but cut them up and prep them for smoothies. Use the peel for muffins or even in your fertilizer.

Eggs – You can use the cartoon to plants seeds in before transferring to your garden. You can use their shells in your gardens soil.

Almond Milk – Cardboard Box

and of course


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