10 Questions to Ask Your IVF Doctor At Your First Visit

As we take our first steps into IVF, one of the most important steps to take in that initial walk is finding the right doctor for you. We had met with one doctor before finding the doctor we are now going with. Both were completely opposite one was more clinical and one was more personal.

Before both meetings we came equipped with questions we wanted answered, and what was so wonderful about the doctor we met with was he answered most of these questions before we even asked. In any case here, ready and excited to get this journey started.

We obviously may have forgotten some questions or some  questions may or may not make sense for your journey. IF there is one thing I can say and will continue to say is that this journey is so so so personalized and unique, don’t ever compare yours to someone else!

I will not be putting the answers we received along with the questions, this blog post is not meant to be medical advice but informational.

10 Questions to Ask Your IVF Doctor At Your First Visit

Are your a candidate for IUI or IVF?

If you are only a candidate for IVF, should you have PGS testing done:

How long does the whole IVF process take?

Do they have payment plans and insurances.

Will they be testing your estrogen and  progesterone before and after transfer.

If you are only a candidate for IVF, placement of the best sperm to the egg.

What is their success rate?

What do they do with your frozen embryos.

What lifestyle changes should be made?

Ask about your specific case and if there have been similar patients like you and their success rate: Granted they haven’t “seen” you yet but still they can gather information on previous patients, success, stories.

This blog post is not medical but informational, always consult with your doctor.