Home and Family 3151 Final Photo Assets

As seen on the  Hallmark Channel’s, Home and Family this week! 

We just love looking around and being inspired by what we see so for this Mother’s Day we have created an unique rustic table-scape using BRICKS!



  1. Bricks
  2. Corded Drill or Drill Press
  3. Masonry Hole Cutter
  4. C-Clamp
  5. ½-3/4 inch Masonry Chisel
  6. Steel Mallet or Hammer
  7. Squirt Bottle with Water
  8. Pencil
  9. Small to Medium succulents
  10. Candle and holder
  11. Safety Goggles

Optional add-ons: 

  1. 4-8 titles ( Michael’s Crafts) 
  2. 2-4 Small containers
  3. Bite size food, such as sushi, sliders, cheese, cookies, etc.



STEP 1: Use c-clamp to stabilize brick

STEP 2: Moisten brick with spray bottle

STEP 3: Mark the center of your brick with a pencil about 1 1/4 by 2 inches.

STEP 4: Use safety goggles

STEP 5: Center up your drill on marks and begin drilling, stop half way down spray brick. ( this will help keep the heat down and drilling easier) You want to go about 2 inches deep.


Drilling trick: Mark on Drill with blue tape where your end point is, this way when you are drilling you know where to stop. 

STEP 6:  Begin to chisel by making an x and continue to chisel the interior of the hole till loose and you can pull out and make it as even as possible!

Step 7: Repeat for second hole.

STEP 8: Fill hole with succulents or candles of your choice

STEP 9: Optional : place clean title on one side with sushi, sliders, cheese etc.


With host’s Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines 

Inspired by

Come craft with us, we would love to see them!

T: Moderndaygf

F: The Modern Day Girlfriend 


P: The Modern Day Girl Friend